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Peter Levey founded Advanced Digital Training 15 years ago, an event that coincided with the explosion of interest in a new innovation - the digital camera. The potential that these new devices promised aroused great public interest, and the school began in the early days by holding information sessions that helped people understand just how these new, exciting devices worked, and could benefit them.


Today, with 15 successful years behind us, we focus on two very important aspects of digital photography: understanding how to effectively use key camera settings; and second, teaching students how to fix and share the best of their photos using software such as Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom, Apple's Photos app etc.


The decision to locate on the North Shore was taken due to its' intersection of large populations to the west (Squamish, West Vancouver etc), to the east (Coquitlam, Burnaby and outlying regions) and the Downtown metropolitan area.


We took a conscious decision to keep our classes small. Introductory camera classes are limited to 8 people, but all other classes that deal with photo enhancement are limited to just 3 students - almost unheard of in other schools. Our mandate is to offer students personalized instruction in small class settings as our belief is that people both learn less, and are more  intimidated in larger classes. That belief has proved correct as demonstrated by the feedback that we routinely get from our students.


Peter has spent a lifetime in education - high school, scuba instruction (one of the greatest loves in his life), software instruction, culminating in his role as  owner and sole instructor at Advanced Digital Training. His lecturing style and ability to make difficult concepts seem clear and simple, has endeared him to students, who frequently return for follow up courses, or one-on-one instruction.


One-on-one personalized instruction; PC or Camera trouble-shooting, training and computer repairs - theses are all activities that Peter undertakes at the request of students who are in need of more direct and specific assistance.


Call Janine on 604-982-0919 to set up time with Peter either in the school, or at your home or office. Visits to homes or businesses do incur a travel charge based on the distance from the school that needs to be covered.

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