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Located in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, the Kerrisdale Camera franchise has come to be known for fair pricing, good camera selection, but more than that, for real and impartial advice and assistance when purchasing. This website lets you search for a particular camera, see pricing and feature details and come to an education decision. More than that, all camera purchases are accompanied by a bonus package which includes free training, photo prints and more.

This site is probably the most reputable and independent web site dealing with camera choice, camera comparisons, feature explanations, as well as extremely thorough camera reviews which often run to many pages in length. For each camera reviewed, there is an extensive photo gallery of high resolution photos illustrating the quality an owner should expect from that particular camera.

A community-based site that allows user to create profiles and upload, tag, and organize their photos to share with friends and family. It also has groups so users can share photos about similar topics, themes, or concepts. Users can use the site's slideshow functionality to display their photos in the most attractive method.

This site is the perfect blend of education, art, and community. This site provides information about all major camera brands and informative articles about everything from aerial to street to wedding photography as well as interactive user forums and galleries. There are free and paid subscriptions that allow users to create accounts and upload portfolios and request critiques from fellow members.

This fantastically useful utility allows you to play with the major settings found in digital cameras (shutter speed, aperture, focal length, focus point, ISO) and immediately see the results by "snapping" a photo and discovering how it turned out based on the settings you chose. An excellent learning tool for beginners and advanced photographers alike.

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Watch out for the sharks cruising the Internet!  The websites listed below, besides being safe and reputable, meet three criteria: first, they have stood the test of time and have endured for years in a field where websites come and go with great regularity. Second, they provide useful, accurate and stimulating content that helps photographers expand their skills through practical application. Third, they provide impartial and valuable reviews of camera equipment, accessories or editing software and thereby provide guidance for those looking for advice on what to purchase.

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